I'm Mariah,

Nice to meet you!

The truth is-- your planned, thought out day is going to unfold the way it wants to naturally. I'm here for you and whatever that day ends up looking like. I'm a problem-solving, relationship loving, detail oriented photographer. 

A few things:

I want you to feel seen. My goal is to represent and portray you in the most organic way possible.


Your. day. matters. to. me. It matters to me just as much as last week's wedding, and next year's wedding. I want to hear about what you have planned and why it's important to you. I am 110% down to gush about the details. I am excited for you. Always. While we're on the topic, the things and details that may have otherwise gone unnoticed are important to me. The grip you have on the arm that walks you down, the flowers you picked out, the cake stand, the little kids, your grandparents, the look on your face-- and your partner's face. It will all be there in the collection of images that tell your day in it's entirety. 

I am not for everyone. I feel that photography cannot be shoved into a one-size-fits-all box. No two photos are going to be the exact same (and that's pretty cool to me). The work that is created can be anything it wants to be-- focused, blurry, black and white, bright and airy, or dark and moody. I don't believe that all of the extra fluff and editing makes a good photo, I believe it's the people in it. If you're looking for someone to edit out every little thing you don't love about yourself...you've come to the wrong place. I want to tell the honest truth through my photographs. Let's make the absolute best of it all, whatever that may be.


I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon. 


"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it."


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Holland, Michigan


email: mariahoveraitisphotography@gmail.com


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